Tallwood I at District 56 revitalizes downtown Langford, harmoniously integrating residential and commercial spaces into an invigorated community

June 24, 2020, Announcement Highlights:

  • Tallwood I has received the Foundation Permit from the City of Langford
  • The building belongs to District 56, a project stretching the length of Peatt Road between Hockley Avenue and Goldstream Avenue in Langford, BC
  • District 56 features the use of Mass Timber under new regulation to 12 Storeys
  • District 56 promotes local resources, including BC timber, BC manufacturing, and BC labour
  • Design Build Services (DBS), the developer and builder, believes in an activated community for residents and businesses.

(Langford, BC) June 24, 2020 – District 56, developed and built by Design Build Services (DBS) is located in the heart of downtown Langford on Peatt Road, stretching the length of the block between Hockley Avenue and Goldstream Avenue. Tallwood I, a mixed-use residential/commercial, 12 storey, mass timber constructed tower, is located in the middle section of the development site. This landmark building has recently received the foundation permit from the City of Langford.

Tallwood I features the use of mass timber in its construction. The benefits to using mass timber include:

  • reduced construction time leading to quicker occupancy
  • less disruption to the community during the course of construction
  • superior strength and resiliency of mass timber wood when compared to concrete and steel during seismic and fire events
  • health benefits and improved occupant experiences from the built-environment’s open floor plates, wood detailing, and innovative design
  • increase in energy efficiency and decrease of maintenance and life-cycle costs of building
  • reduction of carbon footprint found through fewer emissions during manufacturing, transportation, and construction

British Columbia Premier John Horgan recently announced the province will focus on mass timber construction to bolster the forest industry. “By focusing on mass timber, we have an opportunity to transition the forestry sector to high-value over high-volume production. This will mean opportunities for local workers, strong partnerships with First Nations, and greater economic opportunity while making a significant contribution to advancing CleanBC.” said Premier Horgan.

British Columbia’s forest industry benefits from the use of natural and renewable BC forest products for BC projects, including the sourcing of mass timber for Tallwood I. Significantly lighter than concrete, mass timber is a multi-layer product spanning two directions with precision accuracy resulting in a secure, airtight building solution. Mass timber has proven fire resistance, is safer and faster to construct, and provides excellent structural and seismic performance. This results in a reduced carbon footprint and lower environmental impact compared to typical construction. Wood-based buildings positively impact the psychological and emotional well-being of their occupants.

With its speed, strength and sustainability, District 56’s mixed-use residential and commercial spaces position Tallwood I, and its smaller commercial neighbour, Terminus, to meet the growing needs of the community. District 56 harmoniously integrates residential and commercial opportunities, putting essential amenities right within walking distance.  The issuance of the foundation permit for Tallwood I is one more step towards meeting those growing needs. Tallwood I will be home to 124 residential rental units and curated street level businesses to engage residents and visitors to downtown Langford.

Since 2010, DBS has been the hub of development in downtown Langford, committed to creating an invigorated, enriched, and diverse downtown Langford. As their flagship development, District 56 brings a vibrant mix of residential and commercial spaces to Langford’s downtown core. The development features the use of local resources, including BC timber, manufacturing, and labour. DBS believes economic, social, and environmental sustainability are crucial in community development. District 56 is built for the future, incorporating the use of mass timber, geothermal temperature regulation, electric vehicle charging in Tallwood I, and adding efficient, clean air flow with industry leading raised floor systems in Terminus.

About Design Build Services:

Design Build Services (DBS) is a Vancouver Island-based commercial and residential design and build company, specializing in urban development and community enhancement. They work directly with their clients to provide comprehensive services from design inception through to construction completion. The key to their reputable success is maintaining a collaborative working partnership with the City of Langford. They have become part of the dynamic business environment that supports the City’s innovative, forward-thinking policies, and are proud to be part of the invigorated city core and Langford’s ongoing success.

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